Adsense stats not updating

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Because it’s a proxy site, it won’t use cache and will always load the latest version.Sorry to deliver bad news, but, most of the time, if your browser isn’t causing the problem, user mistakes are to blame.(You might even see an error message during Word Press installation related to the .htaccess file.) Such problems can occur because some hosts do not allow Word Press or you to access or edit the .htaccess file, which can cause permalink errors.Most of the time, you can check your Control Panel to see whether your host allows .htaccess file editing.Rarely, you might experience this problem if you’ve downloaded a plugin for Word Press that changes the way your browser cache behaves.If you suspect a plugin problem, you’ll have to check the documentation for that particular plugin, looking in particular for how it clears the browser cache.

You might have to go through your coding line by line to look for mistakes.

If you suspect this problem, contact your host to see what types of permissions you need to set on your server to allow Word Press to gain access to the .htaccess file.

Word Press has a few good automated tools for limiting the amount of spam that appears in comments.

Until more information is discovered about which collection of plugins are causing the deletion problem, you can try a workaround solution: Just deactivate all of your plugins, make the necessary deletions, and then reactivate your plugins.

Permalink problems can be especially difficult to solve.

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