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Other survey evidence is available (for example the Fair Treatment at Work Survey, 2008 (2010), and the Scottish Census Small Test (342Kb)(2005-6) .

Further details are given in Measuring Sexual Identityp15 (1040Kb)).

Source: National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyle 3 (Source: Mercer et al 2013 see key references) *of all respondents aged 16-74 years; There was an increase in the reporting of same sex sexual experience by women in Natsal 3 (2010-2012) compared to Natsal 2000 .

This is likely to have occurred because of greater willingness among respondents to report sexual behaviour and also as part of a trend for increased numbers of sexual partners among younger women.

Aspinall (2009)(1920Kb) states that in Britain "estimates range from 0.3 per cent to 10 per cent using different measures and sources." Some information is available from Scotland's Census 2011 (based on on the number of people who reported living in a couple, in a registered same-sex civil partnership or cohabiting with someone of the same sex (Table 1).

The most recent information from the estimates the prevalence of LGB people in Scotland at 2.2%, England 1.9%, Wales 1.7% and Northern Ireland 1.7%.

Previous NATSAL surveys were also carried out in Britain in 19 and primarily collects information about sexual behaviour of the population.

Table 2: Percentage of respondents reporting same sex partners, and same sex sexual experience.

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