Amanda loncar dating gavin degraw

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"Gavin is a truly special songwriter and as a publisher, I didn't need to mull it over in my head; it was instant, a no brainer." Early on, De Graw was offered a deal by a major label.

Rather than succumb to the obvious temptation, he chose to decline the offer and continue his development as a songwriter and performer, while paying the rent by working as a waiter and newsstand clerk.

De Graw has sold more than a million records in the United States.

His duet with Colbie Caillat on "We Both Know" for the film Safe Haven received a Grammy Award nomination.

De Graw began singing and playing piano at the age of eight.

Those tiny bits of recognition were fuel for me to continue, and made me feel like I was on the right track." Within a few months of his arrival, De Graw made his way into the Ron Grant and Friends open-mic night at Wilson's, the noted Upper West Side restaurant inside the Lucerne hotel.

After wowing the audience, the next day the night manager and talent coordinator Shar Thompson introduced De Graw to the club's owner, Debbie Wilson.

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