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One day he sent me a message and gave me his mobile number. He flew from Yogjakarta and reached Malaysia on March 1st. Since then we have been communicating via Whats App. (One's old school or university) Alter ego - Other 'I' or 'Other Self' Alter ipse amicus - A friend is another self Altissima quaeque flumina minimo sono labi - The deepest rivers flow with the least sound.(still waters run deep) Alumnus - Nursling (former student) Amantes sunt amentes - Lovers are lunatics Amantium irae amoris integratio est - The quarrels of lovers are the renewal of love.We were the same faith so I said to myself, what the heck and liked him back. After joining Oasis and not having much luck I was about to give up when I got an email with suggested matches. Without Oasis I certainly wouldn’t have met the love of my life who makes me the person I am today and supports me through not only the good but the bad too. We started chatting but never had a proper conversation, both logged in at different times. - Don't you know then, my son, how little wisdom rules the world? Directing an argument against an opponent's character rather than the subject at hand Argumentum ad ignorantiam - Arguing from ignorance Armis Exposcere Pacem - They demanded peace by force of arms.

(from the heart) (Julius Caesar) Ab inconvenienti - From the inconvenience Ab incunabulis - From the cradle Ab initio - From the beginning Ab intestato - Having made no will Ab origine - From the origin Ab ovo usque ad mala - From the egg right to the apples (From start to finish) (Horace) Ab ovo - From the egg Ab urbe condita - From the foundation of the city.

Ab/Ex uno disce omnes - From one person, learn all people Abeunt studia in mores - Pursuits become habits Abi in pace - Depart in peace Abiit nemine salutato - He went away without bidding anyone farewell Abiit, excessit, evasit, erupit - He has left, absconded, escaped and disappeared Abite nummi, ego vos mergam, ne mergar a vobis - Away with you, money, I will sink you that I may not be sunk by you Abnormis sapiens - Wise without instruction (Horace) Absente reo - In absence of the defendant Absit invidia - No offence intended Absit omen - May the omen be absent.

(may this not be an omen) Absque argento omnia vana - Without money all is in vain Absque sudore et labore nullum opus perfectum est - Without sweat and toil no work is made perfect Abundat dulcibus vitiis - He abounds with alluring fruits (Quintilian) Abusus non tollit usum - Wrong use does not preclude proper use Abyssus abyssum invocat - Hell calls hell; one mistep leads to another Accede ad ignem hunc, jam calesces plus satis - Approach this fire, and you will soon be too warm (Terrence) Accensa domo proximi, tua quoque periclitatur - When the house of your neighbour is in flames, your own is in danger Acceptissima semper // munera sunt, auctor quae pretiosa facit - Those gifts are always the most acceptable which our love for the donor makes precious (Ovid) Accidit in puncto, et toto contingit in anno - It happens in an instant and occurs throughout the year Accidit in puncto, quod non contingit in anno - That may happen in a moment, which does not occur in a whole year Accipe, sume, cape, sunt verba placentia papae - Take, have, and keep, are pleasant words from a pope Accipere quam facere praestat injuriam - It is better to suffer an injustice than to do an injustice Accipio revocamen - I accept the recall (Ovid) Acclinis falsis animus meliora recusat - The mind intent upon false appearances refuses to admit better things (Horace) Acer et vehemens bonus orator - A good orator is pointed and forcible (Cicero) Acerrima proximorum odia - The hatred of those most nearly connected is the bitterest of all (Tacit) Acerrimus ex omnibus nostris sensibus est sensus videndi - The keenest of all our senses is the sense of sight (Cicero) Acribus initiis, incurioso fine - Zealous at the commencement, careless towards the conclusion (Tacit) Acriora orexim excitant embammata - Savory seasonings stimulate the appetite Acta est fabula, plaudite! (Said to have been emperor Augustus' last words) Acta sanctorum - Deeds of the saints Ad absurdum - To the point of absurdity Ad acta - To archives.

(Terence) Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur - Even a god finds it hard to love and be wise at the same time Amat victoria curam - Victory favors those who take pains Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore - I hope that the memory of our friendship will be everlasting.

(Cicero) Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur - A true friend is discerned during an uncertain matter Amicus humani generis - A friend of the human race (philanthropist) Amicus verus est rara avis - A true friend is a rare bird Amor animi arbitrio sumitur, non ponitur - We choose to love, we do not choose to cease loving.

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