Andy dating maria roddick sharapova

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Sorry ladies, the hunky tennis star Andy Roddick is off the dating market. 1 who was born in Nebraska has stayed true to his roots by settling down and marrying the super hot model Brooklyn Decker.

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Roddick has also been linked with sexy tennis diva Maria Sharapova and he dated model Lauren Bedford in the summer of 2004 following his breakup with Moore.

"I was certainly surprised, but she is the greatest of all time, so we see her in this light, but she's also a strong 35-year-old woman, who is engaged and who is certainly on the path to kind of forming the rest of her life," Roddick says. I've seen her with our little guy, and I think people would be amazed at how maternal she is.

She's so sweet with kids and I'm just really happy for him." Roddick's 19-month-old, Hank, lives a pretty cool life.

"I know that kind of being happy and not having any worries away from the court, in my mind it can only help things," Roddick said about Brooklyn in July 2009. In a way, that almost makes it easier for us." Prior to Decker, Roddick's had another high profile girlfriend in actress/singer Mandy Moore.

"You know, Brook has been a very calming influence, and someone that I can kind of confide in and not have to put up, you know, a super brave front in front of. And, you know, certainly makes the box better looking." And Roddick added in March of 2010: "You know, I think my favorite thing -- not my favorite thing, but one of my favorite things about Brooke is how independent she is. Roddick dated Mandy Moore for about a year before the couple split in 2004.

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