Are stacey solomon and aston merrygold dating

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He told The Daily Star: "The first person I went to in make-up was Bruno.

"And I said to him: 'I'm here to apologise.' "He said: 'Darling, we've known each other far too long.' That was his response. But as I said, if anyone was offended, I was there to apologise." Meanwhile, Danny – who now stars in BBC One series Death In Paradise – has admitted that winning Strictly isn't everything.

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And he admitted that he wasted no time in apologising.

Back in August, newspapers reported that Danny had previously made accusations of racial prejudice against Strictly on his Twitter account.

In 2016, after British-Ghanaian comedian Melvin Odoom was voted off the show in the first week, Danny claimed: "They always get rid of the black guy first." And the following year, he reacted to reports that Strictly chiefs were in "shock" following JLS star Aston Merrygold's exit from the show. Strictly bosses pretending to be horrified at Craig Rev Hor sticking to their MO [modus operandi] and voting off the brother in the afro." Read more: Strictly's Susannah Constantine 'has no rhythm' and is 'unteachable'!

The aunt took to Mumsnet to ask if she was being unreasonable for questioning the gift list, after receiving a message from her sister-in-law ahead of her niece’s birthday in October.

The woman said she was sent a message ‘asking me how much I was spending so she could organise what to pick out of her list from me’.

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