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I would like to know at the end of the day I’m what has been on your mind.Just because I’m living the consequences of some bad choices does not mean I have to stop living. My interests are: bow hunting and fishing, music, reading,... This just in…you no longer need to cruise these profiles because you have found mine. I’m a country boy, I believe in being honest all the time and don’t bite my tongue for anyone. The truth might hurt your feelings, but you can never say I lied to you.

I believe that every person is beautiful and has potential in their own way.First of all, I wanna say hello to all the beautiful women out there in this ugly world. I am an optimistic type of guy who is constantly improving myself physically, mentally and most importantly,... I am hoping to meet some females and create some friendships. Though my conviction only happened a few months ago, I have been locked up for 7 years.I love working out and also spend a lot of time listening to music; mostly Country. David Totten To Whom It May Concern, Hello, my name is Kenneth Thompson. All of which was solitary confinement where I was only allowed out of my cell for ½ an hour a day. I was sent to prison on drug charges however I am clean and sober now and changing my life. I have a huge heart and would do anything for anyone (hence the reason I am locked up). I am hoping to find someone to talk to while I am in here. Peace and positivity to the adventurous among you and thank you for exploring my page.' Life is just a mirror and what you see out there, you must first see inside you ' ' Life diesn't require that we be the best, only that try our best ' am not here for those racists and scammers,am looking for real friends those who will not get tired of replying my mail.i do not care whether you are white or black,all i care is are you GODS you in my inbox I am a 45 year old single Canadian male who enjoys reading and corrasponding with those of similar interests, watching great movies, bowling. I'm quite introverted and struggle to talk to people on my own accord.I WILL NOT TOLERATE SCAMMERS THEY WILL BE IGNORED AND REPORTED. I think I have a good sense of humour and can be quiteweird once I've gotten comfortable.

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