Astronomey dating planets

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The volatile content acquired upon formation crucially influences the long-term fate of rocky planets.New numerical models suggest a systematic offset in their accreted water budgets, depending on the planetary system’s primordial enrichment of Aluminium-26.While the debate raged about whether it was an asteroid or a comet, with some even suggesting it could be an extra-terrestrial solar sail.In the end, all that could be said definitively was that ‘Oumuamua was an interstellar object the likes of which astronomers had never before seen.

But the rovers that landed on Ryugu’s surface have already revealed a lot about Ryugu.

They chose Ryugu because the asteroid is classified as a primitive carbonaceous asteroid.

This type of asteroid is a desirable target because it represents the primordial matter that formed the bodies in our Solar System. The sample from Ryugu, which will make it to Earth in December 2020, is the big science prize from this mission.

Work on the Mars 2020 Rover is heating up as the July/August 2020 launch date approaches.

Mission engineers just attached the Mars Helicopter to the belly of the rover, where it will make the journey to Mars.

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