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Mine is a different issue but is still involves stats with weapons/equipment not updating (Xbox One). Get obsessive over load outs/assignments and all the rest.For example: My last match I just did involved 13 kills, 12 LMG kills and 1 C4 kill. Well the stats did go through but only the 12 LMG kills..didn't count my C4 kill. You wouldn't be doing yourselves any favors by ignoring this what will I do in my lunch break at work?Both stats are not updating and i am pretty sure that goes fot all the other stats....Does this mean there is a sync problem and will they be added later ( maybe someone can confirm this happened before.) or will they be lost....Recoil is significant, but is a non-issue due to the weapon's low rate of fire.The bolt must be cocked after each shot which takes around three seconds, potentially disrupting aim.The Kar98k is a weapon featured in Battlefield V, first appearing in the Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer.

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Additionally, the K98K has a switch delay of 0.25 seconds.The K98Sniper is a variant of the K98K, issued to the Sniper kit of the Axis with the exception of the German Elite Forces, who use the Gewehr 43 ZF4. It has similar properties as the K98K, but with a slightly lower rate of fire and spread penalties when moving, double the bullet velocity and a larger amount of zoom. In Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome, a bayonet is mounted on the non-scoped K98K, replacing the combat knife.When firing scoped in, the player must unscope to work the bolt. In Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons of WWII, the K98K is issued to the German Elite Forces Engineer kit can be with the K98 Rifle Grenade, replacing the Exp Packs.We're very excited to announce we will be returning for Battlefield 5.We are hard at work on a brand new site, fully redesigned, fully re-developed to bring you the best possible stats experience!

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