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We thought it would be good to have a informational site dedicated to using skishoes in the many ways people do.You will find some posts on field work being done on Hoks, kids using them (the Hokstars! The kids are not quite ready to carry shotguns so we took several breaks during the morning to let them shoot their air rifles at Coke cans. Young hunters do not have the patience and endurance of a seasoned hunter.

There is typically plenty of action and excitement to keep their attention.

They enjoy the dogs, teamwork, excitement and fun that defines a rabbit hunt.

I have found that beagles barking on a hot rabbit track make the hunt easier for kids to follow and understand.

Make sure they have on blaze orange and that all hunters take extra precaution to make sure clear and safe shots are taken. We pause here to celebrate a rabbit and the boys listen to Uncle Daniel give an account of the kill. They will enjoy their experience more if you include them at whatever level they are ready to participate.

Stop and get the kids a snack and a cold drink at the local market. A couple of my nephews lead the beagles in the field.

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