Biblical standards for dating

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Or what fellowship can light have with darkness” 2 Corinthians .The truth is, people do not necessarily lower their standards because they consciously want to be mistreated or be in a relationship with someone unequally yoked.Spending your best days feeling miserable while in a toxic relationship.If your inner compass is off kilter, allow God to lead the way.People typically lower their standards because they are hoping for the best–dating for potential–ignoring the signs of the bad outweighing the good for the sake of having someone in their life.Dating is the foundation for marriage, and while every relationship will have its ups and downs, being treated without the utmost respect will put a person in the position of settling.

For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common?Your life will be free from anxiety, no longer wondering if love should be more than a series of disappointing occurrences and sad days with the wrong, unyoked person. Recognize the valuable truth that as long as you waste time with someone who does not meet your standards, not only will your self-worth suffer but opportunities will be squandered to either live a happy life alone or in the company of someone God-sent.The devil is often disguised as fear and insecurity, among other nasty disguises, all of which stop us from following our truth.A love rooted in Christ is not a love birthed from misery, compromised standards or unhappiness for the sake of partnership.God’s idea of partnership is a person who leads you closer to Him, a person who is not deceived by another steering clear of His name.

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