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Tony has a great sense of humor, is handsome, athletic, popular and girls loved him since the tender age of 4. We never thought this could happen to “us” but sadly it did. As parents we might seem ok to everyone or look like we are going on with our lives but it’s not the case at all.

I found him on the bathroom floor of our home and was only 30-60 minutes too late.Alex was also adventurous and taught ESL in grades 1-5 in northern Spain.He was extraordinarily sociable and had friends from different socioeconomic levels and cultural backgrounds. In a few months, we will host a celebration of life as a kickoff to the Alex Buzzi Foundation.Well unfortunately you’re my best friend angel and through your death you taught me just how dangerous the game is. We had some bad years in the beginning and some bad years in the end, but the in-between years were the greatest of our lives.Watching our children grow, spending quality time with each other, enjoying life together.

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