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At one time Chamique Holdsclaw was a WNBA superstar.

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chamique holdsclaw jennifer lacy dating-84

I wasn’t really sure, but after he came here and we of course had to get a feel for each other. You know I had to watch this over and over before it even got to final edits, if I had to explain about something. I am pretty courageous, and I’ve done somethings that really impacted me that I looked at as a negative and turned it into a positive because I got the help that I needed and I’m inspiring others to do the same.

She led the Lady Vols to two SEC regular season titles and three SEC tournament championships between 19.

She was the first round draft pick for the WNBA after graduating from Tennessee, joining the Washington Mystics and being named Rookie of the Year.

We spoke with Chamique about letting cameras tell her story and why her sexuality is just a facet of her life, not a focus.

After Can you tell me a little bit about your initial feelings on having a film made about you?

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