Chrisette michele dating

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Then, in 2008, Chrisette came with her next album ‘Epiphany’ and it was listed top on Billboard 200.

In 2010, Chrisette launched her one more successful album ‘Let Freedom Reign’.

Meet Four Kings Production's CEO Doug "Biggs" Ellison: According to reports, he was the one who brought Chrisette to the attention of music execs at Def Jam, which ultimately resulted in her signing with the major label and Biggs becoming her manager.

He's also uber excited to be taking the next step in their relationship, posting a picture of the rock he gave her with the caption: It's interesting to note, a few years ago there was some bad blood between these two.

Chrisette Michele just got engaged to her longtime manager Doug “Biggs” Ellison. Yep, chick done copped herself a ring and will soon be the wife of her longtime manager Doug “Biggs” Ellison.

R&B songstress Chrisette Michele shared some exciting news today…she’s engaged to be married!

Apart from this, his relationship with also reported with Rick Ross, but after a couple of months they split up.Furthermore, in 2015 the duo got engaged and then it was speculated that they shared the marriage vows too.However, yet, any official source has not confirmed the current status of this couple.But, originally they hanged out as good friends of each other.Yet, she is Unmarried Ex Relation with Wale: Chrisette Michele and Wale came up together in the music industry!

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