Christopher masterson and laura prepon dating

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Tom Cruise, the Hollywood heartthrob was reported to be quite happy after going on a date with Laura Prepon.

A British magazine even claimed that 51 year old Cruise was on cloud nine after their date and that there might be sparks flying.

Her professional life hasn’t really been a talking point for the paparazzi as yet but her personal life and hook-ups with quite a few celebrities has made her name permanent in the page 3 circle and is currently reported to be single.

He should be able to guide her and make her feel comfortable in his company. Should have some basic interest in the field of acting and music.

An attractive and handsome guy who makes her happy all the time is her ideal one. We expect that she will announce her wedding bells soon.

From wikipedia: While on the That '70s Show set, Prepon met Christopher Masterson, who played Francis on the show Malcolm in the Middle and is the brother of Danny Masterson, who played Hyde in That '70s Show.

Laura Prepon has never posed naked and I know because I am a huge fan. Nope, I think they would make a good couple though.

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