Computer time not updating windows 7

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toughguy41--This is not correct behavior, but try something simple which may be a good work around. Select The internet time tab change settings button OK the UAC pop up Use the drop down to select gov Click the update now button.

the first thing i did was to check the cmos battery, i replaced it with a new one and the same thing.

the funny thing is before i cold boot i go into the bios to check the time and it is correct then i reboot into windows and its off again. if i boot up on monday and shut off monday night when i boot up on tuesday it still says monday till i update it. Being that bios shows correct time, it can't be your cmos battery if bios shows correct time.

WTF could it be.i have search the web for ideas but all i get is to check the cmos battery. I would say check your time zone to see if for some reason it's set to wrong zone. edit: Go in to customize format and reset everything..maybe that will get windows to update time.

If the change is in whole hours, visit the region settings to make sure your time zone is correct.

Also make sure that, if you use the feature to sync to some clock standard, that you check the setting to adjust for DST.

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