Concatenating field field oracle third two updating

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It replaces NULL values with an empty string of type VARCHAR(1).

This code is much easier to read and write when you need to have NULL code handling in place.

Developers have a feeling for the data and know the access path.

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Again, it is like a telephone directory: you don't need to know the first name to search by last name. SUBSIDIARY_ID = 00002.) ---- ----------- ------ --------- --------- ------ ------- | id | table | type | key | key_len | rows | Extra | ---- ----------- ------ --------- --------- ------ ------- | 1 | employees | ref | PRIMARY | 5 | 123 | | ---- ----------- ------ --------- --------- ------ ------- -------------------------------------------------------------- |Id |Operation | Name | Rows | Cost | -------------------------------------------------------------- | 0 |SELECT STATEMENT | | 106 | 75 | | 1 | TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID| EMPLOYEES | 106 | 75 | |*2 | INDEX RANGE SCAN | EMPLOYEE_PK | 106 | 2 | -------------------------------------------------------------- Predicate Information (identified by operation id): --------------------------------------------------- 2 - access("SUBSIDIARY_ID"=20)In general, a database can use a concatenated index when searching with the leading (leftmost) columns.

Note that the column order of a concatenated index has great impact on its usability so it must be chosen carefully.

For the sake of demonstration, let's assume there is a company merger.

If you put the index definition and table name into the query, you will get a sample from the index.

Ask yourself if the requested rows are clustered in a central place.

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