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I could tell that she really cares about her members and that she wants everyone to have a good experience on the site.

I didn't come into contact with any scammers or see any fake profiles like I did on the other sites I tried either, so they musts work hard to keep the site clean.

I never heard from any of the men who live overseas. We actually have a lot of men on the East Coast over 60.

Maybe you have added some very limiting search criteria.

The website runs with basic errors, the messenger does not work and staff working there are not responsive enough to be a professional site.

Their moderation policy is subjective and not balanced.

It's been an amazing, beautiful experience and I couldn't be happier about meeting the man I feel like I've waiting my entire life to meet.

Anyway, I could go on and on about how great the site is, but bottom line, I am married because of it!

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(My hubby, Tom and I were 98% compatible, based on these questions.) There were lots of great men to connect with and I immediately started emailing with several.Creating my profile was my first clue as to how different this dating site was.I had not seen this kind of detail on the mainstream sites.Some were local (I live in San Diego) and some were long distance, but I was open to meeting someone who lived anywhere, because, who knows where my soul mate might live. Tom had sent me an email first and when I read his profile, I thought, wow, we have so much in common, and I felt really drawn to him, like an old soul buddy.We emailed back and forth for a bit and then started talking on the phone.

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