Consolidating itunes library external drive

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If it's too big for the available space in your external drive, clear some space in your external drive.

Double-click on the external hard drive icon to view the contents.

Select all the tracks displayed by clicking on i Tunes ''Edit'' menu option and choosing ''Select All.'' All tracks in your i Tunes music library are highlighted. Note: This action consolidates and copies all the music you selected into the location you designated in your external hard drive.

Depending on the amount of music you have in your i Tunes, this may take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

If you were looking into moving the i Tunes Media folder, view this article for Windows and this article for Mac.

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For Windows users, find it under ''My Music'' folder. Right-click on the ''i Tunes Music/Media'' folder and click on ''Properties'' or ''Get Info." Take note of the size of the folder to see if it will fit in the external hard drive.

The sub-folders might include: an ''Album Artwork'' folder, one or more ''i Tunes Library'' files, and the ''i Tunes Music / Media'' folder.

i Tunes can be our good helper in helping us manage music.

Confirm the action by pressing ''OK.'' Consolidate your i Tunes Music library into the external hard drive.

On the i Tunes application, click on ''Music'' under the ''Library'' section on the left panel to display all your music. Click on the ''Organize Library...'' option from the drop-down menu. Check the box that corresponds to ''Consolidate Files,'' and confirm by pressing the ''OK'' button.

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