Consolidating sap systems

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MDM Harmonization ensures that the data changes of one application are synchronized with all other applications in the landscape who depends on that data.

HP-UX systems and HP Converged Infrastructure offer a wide variety of technologies, tools and services to provide effective and efficient Solutions for consolidating SAP systems.

Now we are consolidating different sales orders in to one single shipment using multiple selection in VL10E.

But when we run the invoicing in VF01 she creates seperate invoices for each order in the related shipment.

Below is an overview of the HP-UX technologies which are of particular relevance for SAP Systems consolidation, including references to relevant White Papers, SAP Notes and Web Links proving more detailed information on each topic.

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Within Insight Dynamics, Application Discovery integrates with HP Insight Virtualization Manager software to give you the power to group running processes into custom applications that can be added to a workload for more comprehensive resource management.The SAPS-Meter is an HP tool for measuring computing resource consumption of an SAP system in a simplified form, provide information which could be used for billing etc.The journal Entry will show up like below: Also the relationship map will related to the consolidating BP.Generally there are two stages of achiving Master Data Harmonization.

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