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A few days ago we were pleased to receive these nice photos with sincere and full of happiness smiles of our super-positive just-married couple.It took only half a year for both of them to understand that their hearts are beating in unison.Ukraine is a country where there are always events going on during the weekend–especially during the summer months.Food, music, and art festivals can be a goldmine of cute Ukrainian chicks who have never even met a foreigner in their life. But that’s the difference between a place like Ukraine and say, Poland.

I truly love my job and take person pleasure in seeing the results of my work.It’s just not that kind of culture (more on that later).So if you’re a guy who likes nightgame because of the thrill of the hunt, it may not be to your liking. But this expands far beyond just stopping girls on the street.And maybe you’re in Ukraine now, or simply interested in coming.Tinder is continuing to grow in popularity as it makes it’s way to the Eastern part of the world.

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