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From that figure, and thanks to the information they provided while chatting with Sweetie, the Dutch organization located and identified about 1,000 pedophiles from 71 countries, and then provided all the data collected to Interpol.

Chatbot Artificial Intelligence A chatbot character is being built based on the experiences, work instructions and chat logs from project “Sweetie 1.0” that was conducted in 2013.

Chat rooms can be added by operators from various sources and or individually customized.

Results from these two phases will be shown in the developed dashboard that will be used for management or communication purposes.

Cyber Agent Technology To use the chatbot functionality for the various communication platforms a Cyber Agent Technology platform has been built that interconnects all software components.

These components include, but are not limited to: Data Processing All chat reports and extracts of chats are logged in a universally accepted standard which facilitates the exchange of cases.

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