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Do the ads give revenue only when clicked, or do you get revenue just for displaying them? It's a combination of the two, depending on which ad wins the auction for the slot.For anyone who would like to remove the banner ads from view whilst at the same time supporting the running costs of CC, I've added an account upgrade that is hopefully affordable to most members: https:// - if it's not affordable but you'd still like to support CC's running costs and go banner-free, get in touch and we'll come to some arrangement. D2D only works on titles 2013 and earlier, and not every one is assured.

I am not sure how they will check it, but UPC scanning seems out. I remember a survey about using UPCs for D2D a couple of years ago.

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The old Flixster D2D app used to revert to UPCs when it couldn't read your DVD. They put some protections in place that I already mentioned.

They can also disable MD2D for individual accounts - perhaps if they make a determination that the customer isn't being honest. The D2D catalog is mostly composed of older titles that don't earn much anyway.

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