Dating heartbreak

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I can't even express how much you've helped me but I will say that you're program has given me so much hope and healing."“From triggers to owning our story to dreaming ahead, we talk about every component of heart break and how it doesn't have to affect our future.

With intentional, faithful work, we can own our past so it has less power over us and see how God can bring so much good out of our past mess.

It will give you the resources to help heal your heart, and if you do the work, help you move forward so that you can look at the future with hope and excitement."“It wad the most helpful thing I did to work through my last breakup AND some major baggage from my past that I didn't even know I was still carrying around!

Have you experienced this kind of “ghosting dating,” when someone you were seeing suddenly disappeared and stopped communicating?

What they don’t realize is you hurt even more because you have no idea what caused the rift and no way to fix it.

You can’t totally prevent this from happening but I want to give you some warning signs that can help you recognize you’re headed for trouble when they appear.

Lisa Copeland is a leading, internationally recognized love coach and dating expert for women over 50.

She inspires and teaches women how to feel loveable and empowered as they travel the journey of finding true love in the second half of their life with a quality man.

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