Dating amish women

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There are worries about pornography; about whether social networks will lead sons and daughters to date non-Amish friends; and about connecting to a world of seemingly limitless possibilities.“Amish life is about recognizing the value of agreed-upon limits,” said Erik Wesner, an author who runs a blog, Amish America, “and the spirit of the internet cuts against the idea of limits.”“Not using cars is a way of keeping us together,” he said.

(Like most of the people interviewed for this article, he declined to give his surname, out of an Amish sense of humility; many refrained from having their faces photographed for the same reason.)“There’s always a concern about what would lead our young folk out of the church and into the world,” John added.

But you can’t build a house sitting behind a desk.”Marylin, 18, said that when she and her friends gathered for church activities, “our youth leaders ask us to respect that we’re together and not use the phones, so we only check our messages and the time and stuff.”But she insisted that some leniency was necessary.“We can’t live like we did 50 years ago because so much has changed,” she said. We love our way of life, but a bit of change is good.”The Amish community is growing at a rate that may surprise outsiders — and that growth is helping to push the sect’s adoption of technology.

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“The more people rely on technology, the more we want to sit behind a desk.John and his wife, Lizzie, were there, along with Junior, his wife, their four daughters, and a son who had been born at home just five days before. John had his worries about where technology was taking the Amish community.“We’re not supposed to have computers; we’re not supposed to have cellphones,” he said.Lizzie had prepared steak, potatoes, and corn, with watermelon from the garden for dessert. “We’re allowed to have a phone, but not in the house.But computers and cellphones are making their way into some Amish communities, pushing them — sometimes willingly, often not — into the 21st century.New technology has created fresh opportunities for prosperity among the Amish, just as it has for people in the rest of the world. A store owner’s software can make quick work of payroll and inventory tasks. But for people bound by a separation from much of the outside world, new tech devices have brought fears about the consequence of internet access.

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