Dating boker knife Hermaphrodite girls

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Tang stamps, steel, bolster and liner materials, blade etches, and scale materials all tell a part of the story. It is tricky, because one needs to be certain that the shield is original to the knife.

For the sake of argument, let's say that you can be sure ...

Boker's automatic and folding knives offer high quality at an affordable price. Officially founded in 1869, Boker is still a trendsetter and innovator after 150 years in business.

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If coupled with a BOKER/USA tang stamp, the shield below indicates a US Boker manufactured before 1975. Boker---based on the one pic the tree image most resembles a 1947-1974 Boker logo- Without further photos I would guess in the 1960's-- If you will provide us with any additional photos of markings on any of the blades or tang stamps- I'm sure Ricky and I can help you further.

The video above highlights the new Boker knives announced at Shot Show 2018.

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