Dating dictionary for women

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The Short Version: When you’re talking to someone online, all you have is the text on the screen.You can’t rely on nonverbal forms of communication to get your point across, and that can lead to misunderstandings, miscommunications, and missed opportunities if you’re not careful.Instead of using common words that get bandied about all the time on a dating site, you can make yourself stand out in a good way by using less common synonyms — just don’t take it too far.For example, swapping out “pretty” for “charming” is a good move, but trading “grab a drink” for “obtain a beverage” is probably going to lose you some points because it just doesn’t sound natural.

“Word choice is very intimate.” can provide relevant context for online daters, especially beginners, seeking romance or love.

Maybe some people want to use the dictionary definition of love for a declaration of love or marriage proposal, and maybe some people just want to know what it means to love someone.

Looking up a few synonyms could give you an edge the next time you send a message.

He had said the magic words, and, as they say in sports, it was a slam dunk.

When you’re online dating, the words you choose matter a great deal, and not just to word nerds like me.

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