Dating flirting advice women

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Honesty and vulnerability is incredibly sexy because it shows you’re an empowered person who’s not afraid to share the truth of who you really are, rather than simply presenting an idealised, ‘perfect’ version of yourself. Too many of us make the mistake of projecting what we want to happen as a result of our flirting, rather than staying open and present to the experience itself.

We flirt to get the other person into bed, for example, or to be our boyfriend.

Take a few deep breaths and focus your attention on what the other person’s saying.

Ironically, being 100% available to the moment is far more likely to help you achieve what you want than obsessing over what your future children might look like!

To flirt successfully, a sense of flow needs to be established within the dynamic to keep each party engaged in the conversation.

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And I’ve certainly been on dates where the person opposite me exhibited the same unpleasant trait.

But, do the old clichés – maintaining eye contact, giggling like a schoolgirl, and playing with your hair – really work?

In my humble opinion, clichés tend to become clichés because they offer a certain degree of truth (except, perhaps in the case of cheesy pick-up lines…) However, there are some lesser-known tricks of the trade that I’ve found to be far more effective in helping you learn how to flirt.

If you want to establish an intimate, memorable connection with your date, then you must be brave and go beyond surface and superficial dialogue.

The best way to do this is to take the lead and share something (appropriately) vulnerable with them, which serves as an invitation for them to do the same. Listen out for cues in the conversation that provide an organic and natural bridge for you to open up more.

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