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I’m sorry Saints but I am a lover of the male tongue. There are no loopholes to celibacy or sexual impurity.If you are going to make the true commitment to God, then do it completely.It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted in the enlightening Single, Saved, and Celibate Series.Between conviction and commitment, this blog post has taken a little longer than usual. I am here now and I am ready to dive into to this very complicated, opinionated topic. Oral sex wasn’t frequent for me, but that devil was surely present.When I first began my road to celibacy, I tried to find loopholes. I wanted oral sex or “head” as we sometimes call it. Am I disappointed in succumbing to oral sex while celibate? Was I convicted as a Christian who chose to walk the celibate journey for having oral sex? My conviction came about a year ago when I received oral sex (because most of it was receiving) and I felt terrible afterwards.

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Condoms can lower your risk both for getting and transmitting HPV.Current estimates suggest that up to 79 percent of sexually active men and women will become infected with HPV at some point during their lives.HPV transmission may occur during vaginal, rectal, and oral intercourse even without symptoms or a visible growth.Most often, your body will clear HPV infection on its own.Persistent HPV infection, though, may lead to cancer including cervical, anorectal, and increasingly, oral cancer.

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