Dating for weirdos

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Weirdos bring the only world worth caring about into yours.

Any weird, obscure or crazy notion you pondered then let go of is now thrown back into your face. Those tiny thoughts you never gave any light to are suddenly magnified and urged to be chased and expanded.

Until you've met a weirdo, you've never understood the only world you need to judge yourself by is the world you create for yourself.

You also never experienced what it's like to live in your own world, to never have to enter society again.

They don't go into things with preconceived notions because for them, a relationship is as random and unknown as life.

You think you know yourself, and then you meet someone who challenges every part of your being.

They want their lives between the sheets to be as spontaneous and crazy as the one outside.

They're not scared to show their true, naked selves.

If you've found someone strong enough to hold on to his or her childlike sense of wonder, to be completely and utterly free and uninhibited, cherish that person.

Everyone will just make you wish you were with your weirdo again.

Not only do weirdos support your personal endeavors, they push them.

They don't have expectations of you or the relationship.

Weirdos let the relationship coast the same way they coast through life -- hoping for the best and going with the flow.

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