Dating sites like myspace

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“We model people’s real lives at their individual schools in a virtual space that enables them to exchange information about themselves.

We are not focused on meeting new people, dating or anything like that.

Business Week recently reported that Facebook had rejected a 0 million buyout offer and was holding out for billion. When it comes to placing a valuation on the social network sites, Wharton marketing professor Leonard Lodish says traditional tools, such as the discounted present value of the profit stream, apply to these new Internet networks as much as they do to any other business.

He recalls an argument he had with marketing students during the Internet boom of 2000 about Internet music seller CDNow.

“These have become almost living systems, as the social network has begun to expand beyond a place for people with certain musical tastes and become popular for dating and all sorts of things.” While the My Space population has grown, the site’s roots remain in media, Gupta adds.

“Today, it continues to be used to identify individuals interested in, not just music, but television and radio as well.” Before News Corp.

Facebook also permits sponsored groups in which a marketer can build communities within the site.According to Com Score Media Metrix, My Space, with its 70 million users, ranks second behind Yahoo in pages viewed and time spent on the site.Chris Hughes, a spokesperson for Facebook, says the company thinks of itself more as a directory grounded in real life rather than a social network creating connections between strangers.My Space, with 70 million visitors, has become the digital equivalent of hanging out at the mall for today’s teens, who load the site with photos, news about music groups and detailed profiles of their likes and dislikes.Other social network sites include Facebook, geared to college students, Linked In, aimed at professionals, and Xanga, a blog-based community site.

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