Dating someone with nonverbal learning disorder

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However, me and my doctors generally agree that I've been spared of Asperger's-eqsue social difficulties like an inability to read facial expressions or social cues.Nor do I have that sweet persona that mumstheword mentions.Throughout the school years and on into early adulthood, the child with NVLD is likely to be mostly withdrawn although can be prone to outbursts of inappropriate behavior caused by social isolation and frustration.

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That said, I don't think my NLD has really impacted any of my many platonic and romantic relationships, except for being too disorganized to get to dates on time, etc.

Essentially, I'm just a typical twenty-something woman with who's hopelessly disorganized, focuses on the tiny details a little too much and is more klutzy than average.

They have difficulty with nonverbal communication That is such a minimal description, I know. There's a lot to read but the Q and A section is especially informative, as you can go through the questions and pick out the ones that are most useful to you.

I sympathize with the difficulty you find searching the internet as there is precious little information available about adults with NVLD.

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