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Style and vocabulary vary greatly within any writer’s work.

Why do scholars try so hard then to give a late date to the New Testament? If Jesus really claimed to be God incarnate–as the gospels show–then it is difficult to avoid this conclusion about him.

The Acts of the Apostles was written by Luke–the same person who wrote the gospel of Luke.

The Acts of the Apostles does not mention the death of Peter and Paul.

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He would have mentioned their martyrdom for three reasons: he told the story of Stephen’s martyrdom and he related the death of the apostle James.We know this is the year St Peter and St Paul were killed in Rome during the persecution of the Emperor Nero.Therefore Paul’s epistles and the first epistle of Peter were all written before 65 AD.Thirdly, the death of the martyrs was an important feature for the early Christians. John does just this in his mention of the death of Peter in his gospel.Because the deaths of Peter and Paul are not mentioned in Acts of the Apostles we can be confident that it was written before 65AD.

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