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I’m not sure where this advice first started, or why it continues to circulate, but I think there’s something to be said for quiet guys in public.

For me, if I’m at a party, or meeting new people for the first time, I always notice the quiet guy. I see it as a challenge to get him to talk to me, so I immediately approach him, trying to make any kind of conversation.

Allow me to illustrate this point with a story of my own: One time this guy asked me to let him into the campus library because his card wasn’t working. that night thinking, A couple weeks later, though, we were still in touch.

Obviously, this was a line, but I just played along, let him in, and ended up keeping him company while he attempted to do some homework. I mentioned that first day to him and he started laughing.

This type of mantra gives you some courage for a couple of seconds–and it also gives you the false sense that all you’re missing is the courage.

Though in reality, this false sense of courage can be dangerous.

This one thing makes the chat go from “small talk” to an actual conversation with depth.

Once you get to the depth part, then you can actually start figuring out if this woman is someone you can see a future with, or just one night.

because they don’t know In fact, studies show that the male brain is simply not hardwired to pick up on a woman’s subtle cues…then you know there’s a lot of information out there…Some of it is really phenomenal… This makes “doing your research,” or trying to figure out if a source is credible, very difficult (if not ).This is especially true of dating advice for “shy” or “introverted” I got together with some experts, and we scoured the internet for some of the most common, yet ineffective dating advice out there right now.We compiled these bad pieces of advice into a list for you, so you know what to watch out for–and we also included some fixes so you can start attracting more hot women right away.

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