Dating unemployed man

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Rather, respondents said they were interested in dating someone who is engaged in an activity.Respondents felt that work was a beneficial activity for men to participate in.

(Their spouses were not included in the study, but you don’t need economists to tell you that your partner’s mood will rub off on you after a while.) In cases of high stress — job loss being one of them — many experts prescribe the “silk ring theory,” also known as the “comfort in, dump out” model.“You can’t if he’s taking advantage of your finances, or you’re enabling him by taking on more financial responsibilities,” says Amanda Clayman, an L.A.-based financial therapist who has treated many couples in this position."Not having a job will definitely make it harder for men to date someone they don't already know," said Irene La Cota, spokesperson for It's Just Lunch, a dating service for professionals that conducted the research."This is the rare area, compared to other topics we've done surveys on, where women's old-fashioned beliefs about sex roles seem to apply." [More People Would Date For Smarts Than Money] On the other hand, the prospect of dating an unemployed woman was not a problem for nearly two-thirds of men.

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