Dating violence and alcohol use nc adult dating

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Intimidation and control are major components of domestic abuse that may prevent a woman from seeking treatment.

A perpetuator of domestic abuse may fear being “found out” and encourage secrecy and isolation as well.

Mood swings, personality shifts, and uncharacteristic behaviors are typical. A person battling alcohol addiction may continue to drink in potentially risky situations and do so despite knowing that drinking will cause them more personal harm.

They may also need to drink more and more each time (increasing tolerance) in order to keep feeling the effects of alcohol.

When someone suffers from addiction, they may struggle with difficult withdrawal symptoms and cravings when alcohol wears off, and they may then be unable to stop drinking on their own.

Withdrawal symptoms often include stress and anxiety, both of which are elevated by episodes of domestic abuse.

Alcohol played a role in 55 percent of domestic violence cases among these victims.

Another study published by the Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS) showed that victims of domestic abuse were twice as likely to consume alcohol than their partner who perpetuated the abuse.

A woman who lives with domestic abuse may face many potential barriers to treatment.

Domestic abuse may contribute to the development of an anxiety or mood disorder as well, such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), both of which are also exacerbated by alcohol abuse and addiction.

Alcohol can impair cognitive functions, impede coordination, lower inhibitions, and interfere with functional decision-making abilities, which can then increase the odds that a person will engage in risky or hazardous behaviors, get into an accident, become injured, or be the victim of a crime or sexual assault.

The abuser may use alcohol as a method of control, perpetuating and enabling the addiction.

A person in an abusive relationship may be under the financial control of a partner and not able to seek help on their own.

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