Dating watih heart purificiation version

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ʿAlī ibn AbīṬālib, may God be pleased with him, said, “People are asleep.When they die, they wake up.” ― “People may claim to be “free,” yet they cannot control themselves from gluttony in the presence of food or from illicit sexual relations when the opportunity presents itself.Translation and Commentary of Imam Mawlud's Matharat al-Qulub. Although death is a sudden severance from this life, one remains conscious in a different way.

Where that door is and when we will walk through it are unknowns we must live with and prepare for.

This is a product of wantonness: willingly falling headlong into debt in order to achieve a certain material standard of living.” ― “Purifying the heart is a process.

First, one must understand the necessity of having courtesy with God and the importance of fulfilling its requirements, as noted above.

The Prophet said, "There is a tree in Paradise reserved for onewhose own faults preoccupied him from considering the faults of others." Spending time thinking or talking about other people's faults is foolish.

Time is short and is better invested in recognizing one's own shortcomings and then working consistently to eradicate them.” ― “The Prophet once said to his Companions, “Do you want to see a man of Paradise?

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