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Other accounts trace Easter to the Latin term hebdomada alba, or white week, an ancient reference to Easter week and the white clothing donned by people who were baptized during that time.

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astronomers approximated astronomical full moon dates for the Christian church, calling them Ecclesiastical Full Moon (EFM) dates.

Below the list is an Easter Sunday date calculator for any year from 326 to 4099!

The exact origins of this religious feast day’s name are unknown.

Some sources claim the word Easter is derived from Eostre, a Teutonic goddess of spring and fertility.

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Orthodox Christians use the Julian calendar to calculate when Easter will occur and typically celebrate the holiday a week or two after the Western churches, which follow the Gregorian calendar.I actually chose Python 3 over the more commonplace v.2.6 as my development platform due to the advertised good Unicode-handling, but the Your best bet is to explicitly encode your Unicode strings into bytes using the encoding you want to use.Definition of Easter Sunday Date Easter Sunday is the Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon (PFM) date for the year.Western Easters are the basis of public holidays, and are the dates celebrated by Western religions.

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