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In the Filter section you have two drop downs, the first is what you are filtering. To start with, lets go ahead and open the Apache configuration file: vim /usr/local/apache/conf/This list is a composite of the settings we will be reviewing from fresh install on a c Panel server: Timeout 300 Keep Alive On Max Keep Alive Requests 100 Keep Alive Timeout 15 Min Spare Servers 5 Max Spare Servers 10 Start Servers 5 Max Clients 150 Max Requests Per Child 0 Timeout 300 Usually this value doesn’t require editing and a default of 300 is sufficient.

Subject, From, To, Body, Any Header, Spam Assasin Spam Header. Lowering the ‘Timeout’ value will cause a long running script to terminate earlier than expected.

There are few simple steps you can follow to minimize the amount of spam you receive to your inbox. Make sure you have spamassasin enabled on the account from cpanel. Don’t Accept Mail to Users Mailboxes That Don’t Exist!

– Default Address By default all unrouted email will be directed to your main mailbox, where it will use disk space and resources of your account.

If there are fewer spareservers idle then specified by this value, then the parent process creates new children at a maximum rate of 1 per second.

After the number of requests reaches the value specified, the child process will die.

A common practice between worms, viruses and spammers is to generate or create a false email address they think you’ll receive.

Login to your Cpanel, click on Mail, Default Address, at the bottom click Set Default Address Select the domain in the drop down menu, I recommend repeating this for all domains listed.

For virtualized servers such as VPS accounts, it is recommended to keep this value at 150.

For all dedicated servers the recommended value for this setting is 250.

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