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You may be surprised to find that the two of you have plenty of common ground. Let’s get into them: Use these conversation starters to kick things off.

Because ultimately, even though you’re a guy and she’s a girl, you’re still both people. These are questions that both guys and girls can answer. Remember her answer, and try to bring her somewhere with a similar view in the future. This conversation starter is a blast, and it gives you both the chance to be creative.

The people you love or look up to say a lot about you as a person. Listen to hers, and hope she’s not describing the current moment! This conversation provides insight into what type of places she loves. After you’ve warmed up with a few conversation starters, you can add these questions into the mix.

Does she prefer an enchanted adventure or the big city? You should be somewhat comfortable with her by now, so these questions to get to know a girl should work nicely.

We all have things or people in our life that we don’t give due credit. It’s a fascinating thought experiment that really makes you examine the potentially fragile fabric of reality as we know it. This is a classic question that’s been asked since the dawn of human consciousness.

If she says smell, you better hope that you remembered to put on deodorant. She can come back as any person (or animal) from any point in history. Given the choice, would she prefer to remain happily ignorant, or would she expand her brainpower knowing that it comes with baggage.

Immortality comes with some pretty hefty pros and cons. Just like immortality, social media often comes with some serious advantages and disadvantages! That’s why these are some of the most powerful questions to get to know a girl, even though they’re a little goofy.

And what weapons would you use in this strangely terrifying battle? These funny get to know you questions show her your silly side, and they let you see hers too.

You want her to laugh with you, but you don’t want your conversation to turn into a standup routine.Does she judge things by surroundings or internal qualities? Another personal moment she’ll let you in on, plus you’ll learn about her musical tastes. They’re geared toward topics that folks won’t talk about with just anyone.It might be a person, a story, or an accomplishment of her own, but it’ll all say something about her. So you’ll never know the answers to the questions you have unless you ask them!This question can help you to understand her relationship goals a little better without asking directly.It can also lead to hilarious stories about past romances gone sour.

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