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I will add some stock both to here and at Tindie as well.As demand is quite high right now, I may not have stock for very long but lead times for most items will be shortened significantly.There are a few important changes that should be mentioned, I have updated Minip H hardware to version 4, but the current firmware/software examples aren't fully compatible.I will get these changes added into the code ASAP for those existing users that have version 4.0. Just received a rather large shipment of BNC connectors!

It is a strong station with plenty of power and is very easy to use!Some of the points I don't like, the lack of an auto-ff similar to the Weller unit means if you forget to turn it off and haven't tinned you tips well you will burn them up.The other things that stand out is the availability of tips and replacement parts in certain parts of the world.Just as a reminder you can get a small discount from HMC at checkout by entering Sparky Widget at checkout! The video review is also worth a view if you haven't watched it yet, I go over some tip care tricks so that you can keep those tips lasting a long time!I will have some other tools blog posts coming up shortly where I talk about reflow ovens, hot air stations, hand tools and sledge hammers (Oh yes, one should always have a hammer ready!

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