Eddie murphy dating a white girl

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With her shiny blonde locks and flawless skin, the 5’5” beauty posed and cat-walked her way to become one of Ford’s top models.

From the time she was a little girl, Paige always wanted to be a model, just like her father.

Murphy has five children with his ex-wife, Nicole Murphy: Bria: 28, Miles Mitchell: 25, Shayne Audra: 23, Zola Ivy: 18, and Bella Zahra: 16.

The former pair were wed in 1993 and divorced in 2006.

Murphy is also the father to 29-year-old son, Eric, whose mother is Paulette Mc Neely; 27-year-old Christian, whose mother is Tamara Hood; and 11-year-old Angel Iris Murphy Brown, whose mother is former Spice Girl and current "America's Got Talent" judge Mel B.

Shayne Audra tagged some of her siblings in a photo shared to Instagram last Christmas.

And no wonder, for he just taken great delight in showing off his glamour model girlfriend Paige Butcher on the red carpet in the run-up to a special TV tribute evening.

It really is the only life I want.”that she met Eddie Murphy!

He seemed like he was having an even better time beforehand however, as he openly flirted with the 33-year-old Australian as they completed the pre-show preliminaries.

And he had a right to feel pleased with himself, as the 51-year-old is almost 20 years older than his latest squeeze.

She showed off the form that has made her a men’s magazine favourite in a tight-fitting blue dress that seemed to put Eddie in an ebullient mood. I’ve loved Eddie (the actor and comedian) for decades – he was one of my first Hollywood loves when I was a little girl.

His vigour seemed obvious as he chatted to television reporters about his big night, while the blonde beauty stood obediently beside him. And I just need to get used to the idea that he’s kind of sleazy in his personal life, and that this is the type of woman he likes – “obedient glamour model”.

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