Etc portage package use 39 needs updating

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Trying to get started with Puppet, but want to be sure Gentoo package.* are handled before embarking too far. Once the module is installed Puppet will complete no commands, returning: Could not run: Could not autoload /etc/puppet/modules/portage/lib/puppet/type/package_keywords.rb: cannot load such file -- puppet/util/portage I've tried having portage.* as directories and files, revdep-rebuild, etc.

There was a closed issue on a very similar issue, but the solution the guy used still eludes me.

At the end we want to rebuild/reinstall all perl modules, so it seems a good idea to just explicitly include them.

* In order to avoid wasting time, backtracking has terminated early * due to the above autounmask change(s).

The --autounmask-backtrack=y * option can be used to force further backtracking, but there is no * guarantee that it will produce a solution.

( cpu_flags_x86_mmx ) (dependency required by "media-plugins/gst-plugins-ffmpeg-0.10.13_p201211-r3" [installed]) (dependency required by "mate-extra/mate-media-1.8.0[aac]" [installed]) (dependency required by "mate-base/mate-1.8.0[base]" [installed]) (dependency required by "@selected" [set]) (dependency required by "@world" [argument]) # These settings were set by the metro build script that automatically built th$ # Please consult /etc/portage/example for a more detailed example.

After our previous howto Gentoo – update dev-libs/icu on a desktop box with KDE GUI and many masked packages we want to show you another example of how to update perl, which could have hundreds dependencies installed as perl modules.

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