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As evidenced by the above infographic, Google appeared on the search engine scene in 1996.

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From improvements in web crawlers and categorizing and indexing the web, to introducing new protocols such as so that webmasters have control over what web pages get crawled, to the introduction of voice search, the development of search engines has been the culmination of multiple search technologies that developed from different search engines.Search engine history all started in 1990 with Archie, an FTP site hosting an index of downloadable directory listings.Search engines continued to be primitive directory listings, until search engines developed to crawling and indexing websites, eventually creating algorithms to optimize relevancy.SEO, or search engine optimization, is the method used to increase the likelihood of obtaining a first page ranking through techniques such as link building, SEO title tags, content optimization, meta description, and keyword research.Google search engines and other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo use large, numerous computers in order to search through the large quantities of data across the web.

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