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"I thought it would be a fun thing to do," Highmore commented to Jenelle Riley of Back Stage.

"I started off doing small parts on TV, and then the movies came along." Highmore's first film role was in the British comedy Women Talking Dirty (1999), in which he played Sam, the young son of an outspoken single mother played by Helena Bonham Carter.

Freddie Highmore was born on June 9, 1992, in England.In fact, some of his heartiest congratulations came directly from his costars.As Winslet (best known for her starring role in the film Titanic ) commented to Jenelle Riley of Back Stage, " [Freddie] is quite something else.Highmore landed his first movie role at the age of seven in Women Talking Dirty, playing opposite veteran actress Helena Bonham Carter (1966–).From then on the plucky lad with the big, brown eyes and adorably large ears became a familiar face to Brits who caught him in small parts on television and in film.

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