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They will move in to their Hollywood Hills home on February 23, where they will be groomed and mentored by celebs. Justin Gaston is an American singer-songwriter, model, and actor who was too a contestant on Nashville Star on season 6. In 2005, Justin Gaston left his hometown of Pineville, Louisiana at age 17 to pursue a career in acting.In golf, doubt can be catastrophic; negative thoughts have no place in a mind fixated on repeating a precise motion.

She's kind of inexperienced still, and I would like to see them together for a bit as a couple. I think that they're saving that, though.” On which cast member she was surprised to be friends with: “Amber Riley.We're both big personalities, and you definitely would think we'd bump heads.But she has taught me more about myself than anyone.Are you the person who loves the wet feeling on your legs so you keep going? Or are you the person who hates it and will run miles for a bathroom?

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