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Bing’s goal is to improve the search experience, and it does that well overall in an incremental way, but especially in four key categories – shopping, travel, local, and health; by tailoring the experience in much the same way as Usenet newsgroups to specific goals associated with those categories. CEO Steve Ballmer admits: “I am not what you would call the creative side of life. Being able to verb up can be helpful.” But he also says, “We wanted something that unambiguously says search.” At least they’re not calling it Microsoft Windows Live Search Ultimate Professional Business Search Engine Edition 2009 V 1.01.060109.We tested to see if older messages posted on the Microsoft newsgroups would appear as Google Group messages do with Goole search terms.Reptiles and wildlife newsgroups are great as they offer practical education as they give the knowledgeable care, materials and resources that are needed to understand these animals.Naturally, dog newsgroups and cat newsgroups dominate the arena.

We are both successful professionals, have a beautiful home and live in a great neighborhood. At first, I thought that this was just a really good friend my wife had made.

Microsoft’s research shows only one in four searches are satisfactory on the first try.

Most others force users to repeatedly refine their queries or to click around on the Web before locating what they need.

My wife and I started dating when we were in college.

It was an amazing romance, and a few years later we got married.

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