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Dating apps were new to me, and I soon realized the hell of online dating. No, really, if dating after divorce is scary than it’s easy to stay in the fear rather than take a step into the unknown.Hook-up culture can be utterly terrifying if you’ve only had one or a few partners before getting divorced. It’s okay if those emotions are stronger than any excitement you may feel. You might have to force yourself to go on a few dates because it’s good for you. Fear tells us lies, and it often springs from our insecurities.Except that someday you’ll come to see it was his loss.Plus, he truly was an a**hole and you’re better off.Even if you never find a partner, it’s worth it to know that you’re a strong, secure woman who can stand on her own two feet.In a pair of 0 used Chanel shoes you bought for that first date.

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and I'm starting to like the way I look and feel again. Even though there are struggles, I try to trust that I’ve learned from the past and try to enjoy what is.

I’d never been able to get back to the size zero body I’d had before giving birth but I’d also stopped starving myself.

To celebrate my divorce, I booked a divorce moon to NYC with a good friend and made plans to meet him. I’ve always had body issues, and spent a good portion of my teens and early 20’s battling an eating disorder.

Despite the work I’d done in therapy, I still had too many insecurities.

I still hadn’t dealt with or identified my attachment issues.

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