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In the early 18th century Don Antonio Abad Rodriguez Berrios built a small chapel under the name of San Antonio Abad.

The area would later receive the name of San Antón, a historically important part of modern Ponce.

Just as with the 1878 World's Fair in Paris, the electric grid of the city of Ponce was inaugurated on the first day of the Ponce Fair. invasion and occupation of Puerto Rico in 1898 during the Spanish–American War, Ponce was the largest city in the island with a population of 22,000.

In this occasion the Plaza Las Delicias and various other buildings, including the Mercantile Union Building, the Ponce Casino, and some of Ponce's homes were illuminated with the incandescent light bulb for the first time". Ponce had the best road in Puerto Rico, running from Ponce to San Juan, which had been built by the Spaniards for military purposes.

a city and a municipality on the southern coast of Puerto Rico. Ponce, Puerto Rico's most populated city outside the San Juan metropolitan area, was founded on 12 August 1692), and La Ciudad de las Quenepas (Genip City).

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Europeans, including many Protestants, immigrated from a variety of nations.

However, in the 1820s, three events dramatically changed the size of the town.

The first of these events was the arrival of a significant number of white Francophones, fleeing the Haitian Revolution of 1791–1804.

The Municipality of Ponce, officially the Autonomous Municipality of Ponce, is located in the southern coastal plain region of the island, south of Adjuntas, Utuado, and Jayuya; east of Peñuelas; west of Juana Díaz; and bordered on the south by the Caribbean Sea.

The municipality has a total of 31 barrios (wards), including 19 outside the city's urban area and 12 in the urban area of the city.

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