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Without spending money or using Hourglasses, one playthrough of the game takes 11 consecutive days!

That’s a few days shy of two weeks, so be prepared to hunker down for a bit.

But, make sure to plan your playthrough accordingly.

While the notification sound effects on my Galaxy S7 are nice, they’ll never wake me up at the unholy hour of AM like the 2nd Death Note OP does. Put on your comfy sweatpants, close the windows, lock the doors, and settle comfortably into bed; you’re not going anywhere for awhile.Either have your food delivered or have a designated buddy bring you food and essentials for the duration of your playthrough!Okay, I kid, but if you have to leave the house and fear you’ll miss chat rooms during your time away, I suggest saving the game or at the very least buy 24 hours worth of chat rooms with your yourself the heartache later and just wait a few days. Let me say that again for the people in the back chit chatting, DON’T WASTE HOURGLASSES!When you start the game you get 30 Hourglasses just for reading the Prologue and you earn them randomly by participating in chat rooms.

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